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My eTRaXc

About My eTRaXC

My-eTRaXC is ABSOLUTELY FREE and was created to be a partner site for eTRaXC. eTRaXC is a team-based, coach-directed training utility for cross-country, track & field, and club teams. My-eTRaXC serves three purposes:

  • To serve as an efficient, contemporary "athletes only" version of eTRaXC that will allow team members to record training and access team information quickly and easily.
  • To create an individual-based training manager for individuals who are not a part of a team but see the need to document their training and other components of a fitness-based life.
  • To create a way to fitness enthusiasts to connect with each other as it pertains to their training and fitness.

My-eTRaXC® Enhancements

Virtually all enhancements for this service are based on user requests. Please feel free to make such requests using our contact page or by clicking the "Contact" button above.

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